Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lillian Davis Hogan Galleries presents professional, student work

By Ashley Von Arx
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary’s University’s Lillian Davis Hogan Galleries showcased the work of Andrew Rieder, a Michigan artist who characterizes the centuries-old circumstance of class struggles in his series These Things Happen.

Rieder’s method features the mixing of “high art and street art,” said Preston Lawing, chair of the art and design department at SMU.

The content answers to an oppressed working class. His subjects often hold a hammer or engage in anxious activity like dog fighting, enduring a raging inferno or managing a traumatic car accident. The show portrays the human condition as a struggle for survival – a struggle to find strength in an obviously corrupt world.

The Lillian Davis Hogan Galleries, located in the Toner Student Center, “offers a variety of visual experiences,” said Lawing. Not only does it host the work of accomplished artists like Rieder, but it also features the work of SMU students each year, displaying a student show open to all majors; the senior capstone show, featuring the work of senior art and design majors; and a faculty show. The student art show will be displayed Saturday, Nov. 19.

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