Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date set for SMU lockdown drill

By Julianne Bartosz

The lockdown drill at Saint Mary’s University will be held during an academic day within the coming weeks of April, said Vice President for Student Life Chris Kendall.

Kendall said that only a few faculty members will be informed of when the drill will occur.

“The community will not know when it will be because you cannot be prepared,” said Kendall. He said that this allows the SMU community to get the most effective practice out of the drill.

The drill is a part of SMU’s updated emergency response plan, said Kendall. This plan includes the use of Blackboard Connect to send an emergency alert via email, phone call and text message.

SMU community members are encouraged to update their personal emergency contact information on WebTools to ensure that they receive emergency notifications.

More information about the lockdown drill and SMU’s emergency response plan can be found in February’s “SMU to practice lockdown drill” article on the Cardinal blog,

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