Thursday, March 29, 2012

University alum Leibundguth ‘Back in the Day’

By Jenna Capelle
Cardinal Newspaper Staff

Admission Counselor Neil Leibundguth didn’t always spend hours talking on the phone with parents, attend college fairs and visit high schools throughout Wisconsin.

Leibundguth recently graduated from Saint Mary’s University with the Class of 2009. In college, he was involved with the campus radio station, KSMR. He hosted a radio show on KSMR and served as the Technology Director for a period of time. Leibundguth also installed the sound board that’s currently in the KSMR broadcasting room today.

With the Office of Admission at SMU, Leibundguth works with prospective high school students from the greater Wisconsin area along with the St. Paul area. He helps students through the admission process by meeting with students when they visit. Also, he talks to students and parents on the phone to figure out necessary paperwork for transcripts and financial aid.

Becoming an admission counselor was an easy choice for Leibundguth because he had such a great college experience.

“When you love your school so much it’s easy to tell students about it,” said Leibundguth.
“I loved seeing students adding the online feed of KSMR,” said Leibundguth. “It’s great to see the station get bigger and more popular.”

Three years out of school, Leibundguth continues to be included with the men’s music fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha, in which he was a member during his undergraduate days. Since graduating, the fraternity has occasionally asked for his assistance onstage and offstage in preparation for the Blue Angel music variety show on campus.

“Being on campus still allows me to stay a part of the fraternity when they need me,” said Leibundguth.

Leibundguth suggests that students in college should get as involved in college as possible. However, it’s important that students learn to prioritize their time with school and activities so they don’t overstretch themselves.

“You’re not going to remember every paper you wrote about, but you will remember all the great things you did with your friends,” said Leibundguth.

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