Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miller’s career at SMU

Samantha Borawski
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary’s University alumnus and current head fastpitch softball Coach Jen Miller recalls her memories of attending SMU and the differences and similarities between the university then and now.

While attending SMU, Miller played four years on the fastpitch softball team, leading her to her favorite and best memory of college as winning a National Division III Championship in 2000.

Aside from a national championship, Miller also remembers significant moments such as winning regionals and just being able to continue to enjoy playing softball.

As a student, Miller majored in elementary education. She said to her knowledge, classes are still similar to when she attended SMU. Her favorite class she took at SMU for her major was Social and Science Methods, which was a class where the student practiced writing lesson plans for elementary school students.

“Students tend to be more inquisitive [now] and want to know why things should be done one way rather than another,” said Miller. Students tended to have a more “just do it” mentality when Miller was a student, she said.

When not being a full-time student or being an active member of the softball team, Miller recalls enjoying all campus parties in the quad which offered things such as live bands for students to listen to.

Two things Miller wished she SMU had when she was a student were the ropes course and the soccer field. Students are still able to enjoy these aspects of Saint Mary’s today.

Lastly, Coach Miller did not plan on staying at SMU to coach. She always imagined herself in a classroom setting, teaching children.

While working at SMU is not what Coach Miller thought would happen in her life, she is glad that she chose this university as her place of employment. She initially chose SMU because of the great softball program, and that is why she is still here today.

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