Friday, March 2, 2012

Senior class gift all about giving back

By Kassondra Burtis
News Editor

As the Saint Mary’s University Class of 2012 prepares to graduate this May, it hopes to leave a great example of what will begin a long tradition of giving back.

This year for their class gift, the senior class will be pledging money to the university that has given them great education and opportunities. Pledges will be designated through the Saint Mary’s Fund to any of four different areas: Unrestricted (the money will be applied wherever it is most needed), Financial Aid, Athletics, or Friend of the School of the Arts.

“The Saint Mary's Fund is the annual giving vehicle that enables alumni, parents and friends of the university to support the mission-driven, supportive and dedicated education we provide,” said Nicole Schroeder ‘08 who is supervising the Senior Class Gift Committee and the director of Saint Mary’s Fund.

“The Class of 2012 has an opportunity through the Senior Class gift to focus on raising unrestricted funds that ensure the next 100 years of learning remain vibrant and strong,” Schroeder said. “[It also ensures] that every student experiences the relationships built in their freshman residence hall, favorite professor(s) continue to teach and the one-on-one attention remains, because at the heart of your and my Saint Mary’s education is the connection and dedication of those who want to see you succeed.”

Senior Emily Munns, co-chair of the Senior Class Gift Committee, is a third generation Cardinal and applied to co-lead the committee because she wants to help give future students the same opportunities that she has had, if not more.

“My father and grandfather are both alumni of Saint Mary’s University,” Munns said. “My father has donated money to SMU’s annual fund for as long as I can remember. I joined the committee to help inform and raise awareness to the senior class of how important our benefactors and alumni are to the university’s operation and also for the future education of SMU students.

“I am excited and honored to work with Rachel Gates-Vickery, also a co-chair, in addition to the talented committee members in order to make a difference in the future of Saint Mary's University,” Munns said.

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