Thursday, April 26, 2012

Short Play Showcase is a SPlaSH for SMU

 By Trisha Stachowski
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Saint Mary’s University students directed and acted in the short play showcase (SPlaSH) on March 28 through April 1 in the Valencia Arts Center’s Academy Theatre.

The SPlaSH productions are held one time each semester, typically featuring three one-act plays.

SMU junior and SPlaSH participant Aaron Henry said, “It is an opportunity for student theatre majors to gain experience directing and sometimes writing pieces in a very professional manner.” Henry said the students present their ideas to the theatre department and the department then chooses which one-act plays will be performed.

This year the three one-act plays were: “The Swing Set,” written by senior Tom Conry and directed by theatre faculty Judy Myers; “So, I Wrote This Play…!,” written and directed by senior Rick Baustian; and “Blackout,” adapted from Davey Anderson’s original play and directed by junior Mary Doctor.

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