Thursday, April 26, 2012

SMU senior accepted into SMU education master’s program

By Samantha Borawski
Cardinal Staff

Senior Annie Ivansek will be attending the Saint Mary’s University Graduate School of Education next year to pursue her dreams of becoming a teacher.

Ivansek applied last year to the program. She completed an online application that included a writing portion in addition to an interview process. She was required complete all the general education requirements for Elementary Education majors.

Ivansek has always wanted to be an Education major; however, she will be graduating this year as a literature major with a theatre minor.

“I always wanted to be a teacher,” said Ivansek. “I had great teachers throughout all of my education, and I want to inspire kids the way that I was inspired by my teachers.”

Because Ivansek has not taken any of her education classes yet, she does not know what class she wants to teach. Shhe said she is leaning towards kindergarten through second grade.  Besides teaching, Ivansek hopes to start an improvisation class for kids and coach lacrosse. Eventually, she wants to return to the Chicago area to teach.

Like other applicants, Ivansek had fears of not getting accepted because of the long process.

The most exciting part about entering the master’s program is finally being able to start teaching and taking education classes, said Ivansek. By being accepted into the master’s program, Ivansek said she is finally able to work to become the teacher she always wanted to be.

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