Thursday, April 26, 2012

SMU senior accepted into pharmacy school

By Kelsey Haugh
Cardinal Staff

Saint Mary's University senior, Sarah Adie, decided to take a not-so-traditional path after graduating with a degree in education.

Adie recently applied and was accepted to pharmacy school. That may seem a bit odd to some, but to Adie, it makes perfect sense.

Adie said she wanted to do something related to the health field, but she also wanted to help educate people. She had been volunteering at a hospital, and when her dad saw an opportunity in the pharmacy department, she jumped on it, said Adie.

Adie loved it so much that she decided to apply for pharmacy school so that she could help educate people about their medicine while interacting with them, she said. When she graduates, Adie said she hopes to work at a children’s hospital, preferably close to her family, educating people on how to handle their medicine.

Adie applied at three different pharmacy schools and has decided to go to Creighton University in Omaha, Neb. The wait to find out if she was accepted was only around two weeks, which she said  worked out well because she was full of nerves.

Along with actually applying to the school, Adie had many requirements she had to fulfill. She had to take classes that would allow her to even think about pharmacy school, said Adie. She said she had to take the PCAT test in addition to being interviewed at each school.

To add to her nerves, when Adie was talking to other kids being interviewed, she found that they were applying to multiple schools – one having applied to 21 schools.  Her worries and nerves jumped through the roof, she said, but they all disappeared when she found out that she was accepted to Creighton.

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