Thursday, April 26, 2012

SMU clubs keep their names

By Nick Bravos
Sports Editor

In an April 20 decision, Vice President of Student Life Chris Kendall announced that the names of each athletic club team on campus will not be forced, but can instead choose, to adopt the Cardinal name and logo.

Kendall said he initially raised the issue of whether or not all athletic teams on campus should look the same to promote feedback from the student body, and he learned a lot about how people connect with each other and the clubs during the process.

“The way I see it, how you represent Saint Mary’s University matters more than what you’re called,” Kendall said. “I value some counter-culture, it creates some room for individuality, and so, as long as I’m here, [clubs] will stay the way they are.”

It’s been a university initiative to keep improving the safety and quality of club sports, said Kendall. For this reason, he said, an athletic advisory board was established two years ago to promote club sports, recreation and healthy lifestyles.

“Club sports are a great vehicle for attracting people to SMU,” Kendall said.

Kendall added that he is working on establishing funds so that each club team will have a coach, access to athletic trainers and an athletic club coordinator position. He said a decision hasn’t been made yet if he will implement any of these.

However, sophomore captain of the MUTs Eric Amerling said, “Before all club teams are given coaches in the future, we need to consider the benefits of being student-run, most importantly the skills that the leaders are gaining.”

Amerling said that he has gained valuable organizational skills and leadership qualities in his role as a captain. He added that “captains of these club teams need to be more than just a player but also the role of an accountant or secretary, and all these positions are explored without the aid and hand-holding of a coach.”

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