Friday, October 26, 2012

Archery Club hoping to allow students to shoot bows on campus

By Julianne Bartosz
Editor in chief

The Hunger Games may have sparked a nationwide interest in archery, but that is not what inspired two Saint Mary’s students to plan an archery club at SMU.

Two-time Minnesota State Champion Shooter and SMU junior Conner Ellinghuysen has teamed up with senior Peter Borash to restart SMU’s archery club from 2009.  Although the club has not been completely approved yet, Ellinghuysen said it is only a few steps away from being an official SMU club.

“It is an opportunity to shoot on campus while also helping teach others and sharing our passion,” said Ellinghuysen.

The archery club would allow students to shoot their bows on campus in a designated area in addition to teach safety to shooters and interested students, said Ellinghuysen.  He added that it would also have starter bows available for students interested in learning to shoot.

“We would love to get the club started as soon as possible,” said Borash.  “But we want to make sure that any questions that may arise can be answered and addressed beforehand.”

Ellinghuysen agreed with Borash by emphasizing that safety is their main focus.  To ensure safety is a priority, the club intends on having strict regulations for having bows on campus.

“Students in the club would be able to store their bows on campus, but only in a designated storage location that requires the bows to also be signed out,” said Ellinghuysen.

Strict regulation also includes restrictions on where club members can shoot.  Club members would only be permitted to shoot bows on the SMU range, which has not yet been determined. Ellinghuysen said that the group has considered Joe’s field, ensuring a safe environment by creating a bunker and shooting into the hill along the field.

“Eventually, we hope to be able to form a group that can enter into competition shooting at a collegiate level,” said Borash.

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