Friday, October 26, 2012

SMU works on new class schedule

By Julianne Bartose
Editor in Chief

Saint Mary’s University is developing a new academic schedule starting in the fall 2013 academic year, according to Vice President for Academic Affairs Donna Aronson.

A task force with faculty members from various departments was created to account for all implications of the new class schedule on late afternoon activities, said Aronson.  The task force includes staff from Student Life and Athletics as well as the deans of schools and Student Senate President Robbie Doyle.

“The goal of the new schedule is to have a common meeting time” available, said Aronson.  She also said that it will allow all students time for lunch and the opportunity to attend daily Mass.

The main changes are a midday break in classes and a more balanced class schedule, said Aronson.  She also said that the new schedule could include later first class start times and more evening class times.

According to Aronson, the biggest change for students will be the balancing of the schedule, which spreads classes throughout the week.  This includes more classes until at least noon on Friday’s.

“We are a residential campus,” said Aronson.  “We want a schedule that allows students to be as successful as possible.”

The break included in the new schedule will allow the university to provide development activities for professors, which Aronson said is part of the university’s strategic plan.

The task force has drafted a couple of prospective schedules for discussion.  Department chairs will examine them before the task force gathers student input through “listening sessions,” according to Aronson.

Aronson will finalize the new schedule by the end of the current semester.  She said she will determine the final schedule as “an administrative decision based on feedback from various groups.”

Student Senate was informed of some details of the new schedule.  Doyle refrained from commenting on the new class schedule aside from saying that it is “confidential administrative information.”

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