Friday, October 26, 2012

Movie Review: Get twisted with ‘Looper’

By Petey Brown
A&E Section Editor

Looper is a mind-bending sci-fi film that shows the audience that one can always change the future by the choices we make.

Would you be able to execute your future self?   That is the unpleasant task that Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has in the movie Looper.  Joe is a “looper” whose job is to execute men that future mobsters have a problem with.  In the future, specifically 2074, it is almost impossible to kill a person without getting away with it.

Unless you’re a mobster.  The mobsters found a way by sending their “problems” back to the past through illegal time travel. Then, the “loopers” are waiting to finish them off.

As a “looper,” Joe lives a luxury life with nice cars, house and money to do whatever he wants.  One day, his “job” is killing his future self.  Future Joe (Bruce Willis) escapes because Joe is caught by surprise.

When a “looper” fails to kill a “job,” they get killed themselves.  Joe has to find a way to catch his future self and kill him to save his present life.  

Future Joe has his own plan: to kill the “Rain Man” who killed his wife and all the former “loopers” he worked with.

Many action and twists are in this movie, but Looper also has a solid story to keep the audience entertained.  The future world that director Rian Johnson imagined is unique and captivating.  The film takes place only 32 years in the future, and Johnson did a good job at making a realistic setting for the movie.

Many critics enjoyed the movie., a website that compiles movie reviews together to make a rating for the movie, gave Looper a 93%.

Christopher Orr from The Atlantic said that Looper was “a mind-bending ride that is not afraid to slow down now and again, to explore themes of regret and redemption, solitude and sacrifice, love and loss. It's a movie worth seeing and, perhaps, going back to see again.”

Orr could not have said it better.  The movie was very deep, but easy for most to follow and enjoy.  Looper is a must see because of its great story, acting and ability to make the viewer think.  This is a fun and interesting action movie that will keep the audience guessing until the final moments of the film.

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