Friday, October 26, 2012

SMU softball: Working hard and having fun

By Samantha Borawski
Sports Section Editor

A successful fall season has left the Saint Mary’s University fastpitch softball team ready to work harder than ever in the offseason and excited for regular season to begin.

The softball team recently finished its fall season, which typically goes from the beginning of September through part of October.  The fall season is crucial for players because it is the only time they are allowed to work with coaches until regular season starts in February. Players are able to communicate and discover what each person needs to work on in the offseason.

“Fall ball is essential to the softball program because it is a chance for coaches to teach us how they want things done,” said senior captain Paige Carter. “We learn what SMU softball is about and we have the offseason to perfect that.”

Another reason why the fall season is so crucial is because of the bonds formed between the team. Team chemistry is important to being successful. This season there are many new faces with seven freshmen entering the program.

Freshman Mariah Harper said that the best part about the fall season was “meeting the team and making new friends.”

As part of the bonding experience, the team participated in the Challenge Ropes Course.

“We have a brave team,” said Carter. “Not everyone is comfortable with heights, but it is awesome that everyone was willing to try it and potentially face their fears for the team.”

The end of the fall season brings the next big event for SMU softball: the haunted forest.  The “Walk of Horror” will take place on SMU’s campus on Oct. 26-27 and 30-31.

“I’m looking forward to eating, sleeping and breathing softball when season starts,” said Carter.

The cardinals are excited for the regular season to begin. Until then, they look forward to the team bonding opportunities they have, like the haunted forest.

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