Friday, October 26, 2012

SMU continues to shower Bushlack with support

By Julianne Bartose
Editor in Chief

The Saint Mary’s University community showed its continued support for Sabrina Bushlack by participating in the “Strong Is The New Beautiful” 5K.

Over 650 individuals registered for the Oct. 21 5k that offered financial support for Bushlack while recovering from a severe brain injury caused by a car accident over the summer.  Community members also showed support through donations, according to Assistant Volleyball Coach Jenna Ness who organized the 5k.

“I am so thankful for all the support,” said Bushlack.  “It was amazing to see everyone participate, even people I didn’t know!”

Bushlack said that the SMU community has been a major support network for her, especially through thoughts and prayers.

Ness said this support is what inspired the 5k.

“Quite a few coaches and students had come to the Athletic Department wanting to help,” said Ness.  “We wanted to focus all of the efforts in one place to try and raise money for Sabrina and her family through this hard time.”

As a new employee at SMU, Ness said that the meaning of family and community at SMU shined through the support offered to Bushlack.

“It was very rewarding to see the entire campus and community come together for one of their own,” said Ness.

Bushlack said she had been looking forward to being back on campus for a while.  She added that it was a lot easier than she thought it’d be and she wished she had enough time to see all the people that were there.

In addition to extending a special thanks to all faculty who helped with “Strong Is The New Beautiful,” Bushlack said that she truly appreciates everyone who came out and shared a part of their day with her as well as the thoughts and prayers of those who wanted to be there.

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