Friday, January 25, 2008

Real world, here I come

By Alli Hill
Cardinal Staff

We have finally made it to the home stretch of our senior year. In a mere five months, we will have graduated and made our transition into the “real world.”
This is really a very scary feeling for us. Either we have only started our search for a job, or we have no idea where to start. There are dozens of options out there for us to pursue, but there seems to be no time to do it.

Now before you start hyperventilating, remember that we are all in this together. If you are like me, you like to have your life planned out to the very tiniest of details. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do that in this new transition. And, let’s face it, I am completely freaking out.

I have also had the chance to talk with some of my fellow seniors and am getting the same ‘freaking out’ feeling from all of them. One of them even had a very intense breakdown over the issue.

I have taken it upon myself to help answer this question of what to do when we leave Saint Mary’s and what tools can help get us to the point of being okay. I do not feel that I am in any way heroic by doing this, but I feel that I will be helping myself in this search as well as others.

Something that is coming up in the near future which would be something to think about is the MN Private College Job & Internship Fair on Feb. 19. A very wise capstone professor explained it by saying, “They are looking for you! They know what you are coming for and know that they are specifically talking to students from private institutions.” If you have more questions about the fair, you can talk to the wonderful people in Career Services.

I invite those who take interest in this column to let me know of any issues that you may have, and I will address them to the best of my abilities. As for all of you, I am simply just trying to figure out this next step we are all taking. Until next time!

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