Friday, January 25, 2008

A students’ guide to parties: The Democrats

By Eric Hills
Guest Writer

Many of us are too busy to read the newspaper daily, watch televised debates, or watch CNN. In fact, you’re probably reading this and wondering how long it will take and whether it’s even worth your time. Well, I’ll get to the point; I hope to inform you about important issues concerning the 2008 presidential election and hopefully convince you to vote Democrat.

The Democrats seek to pull out of Iraq as soon as possible. Despite Republican claims, they do not intend to “cut and run” or “surrender.” They plan to fund the troops to keep them safe while securing a peaceful transition of power from U.S. forces to Iraqis. Once our troops are home, the Democrats plan to give them the care and recognition they deserve. They also plan to address the humanitarian needs of the Iraqis that are homeless or displaced.

Another huge issue is the state of the economy. George Bush has accumulated the largest national deficit in our nation’s history. Democrats seek to bring this debt down by ending our costly war in Iraq and focusing on domestic issues.

The Democrats also seek to end the health care crisis in this country: 47 million Americans are currently uninsured, nine million of which are children. Insurance companies continue to earn record profits while continuously trying to cut benefits. Many Americans are forced to go without insurance, which leads to higher costs for tax payers down the road. By having universal health care coverage, many lives will be saved and all Americans will be able to utilize our wonderful medical care.

Candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards have been especially interested in defending the middle class. They seek to end the Bush tax cuts that only favor the wealthy and give just a few hundred extra dollars to average Americans. They also seek to disenfranchise the powerful corporate interests and lobbies that control many Congressmen and don’t allow our voices to be heard.

It’s about time we returned to leadership that is truly interested in maintaining a strong middle class, eliminating government corruption, and ending a war that has cost thousands of American lives (and approximately 80,000 Iraqi casualties). After the mid-term elections of 2006, the Democrats gained control of the House and Senate. Now that they hold a slim majority, we should give them a Democrat for president so we can start enacting the change we desire.

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