Friday, January 25, 2008

Rob and Neil review your meal: Chartwells

By Neil Olstad and Rob Brewer
Guest Writers

The Caf is an epicenter of student congregation. Friends exchange pleasantries, relationships blossom, and most importantly, food is served. Your expert connoisseurs, Rob and Neil are committed to guiding you through your caf experience...

Tortellini – It was a little undercooked, as a fork could not pierce the outer shell without considerable might. The chicken alfredo sauce was excellent. However, the notorious red sauce is back, and as watery as ever. This was a nice main dish, if you were lucky enough to choose the right sauce.

Yellow Rice – This had a distinct taste; you don’t get a flavor explosion like this from Chartwells often enough. There were lots of taste sensations that lingered long after swallowing. A nice complement to any entrĂ©e.

Turkey Chili – A Cajun surprise, straight from the bayou, this dish was very salty and very spicy. It was a hearty blend of beans, turkey and attitude that will give you goose bumps in areas you didn’t think possible. Make sure this dish is served with a glass of water and an appointment with a cardiologist following consumption.

Sweet Potatoes – A swing and a miss. They had a nice aroma, but the scent does not save this dish from becoming a bland, mushy disaster. The texture reminded these authors of what it must be like to eat Alpo dog food. A failure of momentous proportion.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes – This option was a welcome surprise and a breath of fresh air after the sweet potato catastrophe. The pancake’s fluffy-yet-crispy exterior brought a wry smile to the authors’ faces as we reveled in this transplanted breakfast staple.

Cheesecake – As we finished up with dessert, we set our sights on a mischievous little cheesecake that had been calling our name throughout the meal, featuring dual fruit toppings of cherry and apple-cinnamon. We consented that the crust was a carefully constructed crumbly climax to our meal. This playful cheesecake was assertive without being pushy; kudos to the Chartwells staff on achieving such a scrumptious dessert.

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