Friday, January 25, 2008

Students gamble without money

By Ellen Jordan
Cardinal Staff

Although it is against Saint Mary’s University’s policy to gamble on-campus, the Student Activities Committee used their own funds to host the annual Casino Day–not one dollar was pulled from any student’s wallet.

Students braced the bitter cold temperatures to attend the event hosted in Salvi Lecture Hall and Common Room. Football fans did not have to worry about keeping track of the scores–the games were played in the background.

Blackjack, Bingo and Texas Hold’Em were among the games participants were able to choose from. For an incentive to win, the prizes students were aiming to attain were a futon, 20” flat screen TV with Built in DVD player, digital camera, portable DVD player, iPod docking station, DVD’s and CD’s.

Senior Britney Staver said, “I really liked attending this year’s Casino Day. I thought that there was a very impressive selection of prizes and I think it’s a great way to get students from all grades together.”

Upon entering the event each students was offered free starter money. If a perishable food item was donated more money was granted. This money provided students with the chance to start playing games and get a feel for which ones they liked the best.

Member of Student Activities Committee and organizer of the event, Junior, Nanci Gruetzmacher said this year’s event was a successful one. “After observing last years event and seeing what worked well and what didn’t, I think that the outcome is very successful”. When asked what her favorite task for organizing was, she replied, “Shopping for prizes.”

Casino Day is just one more opportunity in which Saint Mary’s students are able to show their skills, have fun and interact with others at an event outside normal school time.

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