Thursday, April 25, 2013

Band has final concert before commencement

By Clinton Neinhaus
Cardinal Staff

The Saint Mary’s concert band had its final concert of the year on April 14.

The repertoire comprised of technical works composed in challenging time signatures that allowed for significant improvement by the entirety of the band throughout the year. Songs featured in the concert were “Vesuvius” by Frank Ticheli, “Slava” by Leonard Bernstein and “Wind Power” by Johan de Meij.  There was also a jazzy piece for concert band entitled “Blues for a Killed Kat,” which featured two soloists as well as the trombone section. 

Though there were some weather challenges, attendance was great with many making the trek through the sleet and rain to enjoy a wonderful performance. Special to this concert was recognition of the senior class members, who have put in four years of work cumulating with a wonderful final performance.

The concert band will play next during the May 11 commencement ceremony. It will also be recording two selections including Centennial March, which was featured during the first week of the school year.

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