Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary

By Wilson Kubwayo
Cardinal Staff

Many students at Saint Mary’s University are curious to know more information about the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Seminary. Graduating students of the IHM Seminary are planning to continue to various major seminaries (Catholic graduate schools) to study Theology.

Senior Greg Bim-Merle shares his experiences after spending all four years at the IHM Seminary. The IHM Seminary is a place where college students go to begin their preparation to priesthood. However, seminarians do not have to know for sure that they are going to become a priest to go to the college seminary.

According to Bim-Merle, in order to become a seminarian you do have to feel a sense that priesthood would be a good fit or enjoyable for you. He said, “Through the seminary experiences, we are able to get the sense as to whether the seminary is the right place for us and whether priesthood is something we are called to do.”

There is not much difference between university education and the education seminarians receive. The seminarians are required to study philosophy and are encouraged to study some theology.

“Philosophy helps us to think clearly and consistently and helps us to have a better understanding of human person,” said Bim-Merle. Whereas colleges and universities only focus on academics and how well a student does in his/her studies, seminary education focuses on human, spiritual and pastoral formation.

Seminarians are also involved in college social life. They are able to join any sport activities at the college or university they attend, as well as other extra-curricular activities. According to Bim-Merle, the advantage of being a college seminarian is being part of a supportive environment, where all aspects of human growth are encouraged.

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