Thursday, April 25, 2013

Living Learning Communities expand for second year

By Jimmy Becker 
Cardinal Staff

Living Learning Communities have started to expand after the first year at Saint Mary’s University, with the hopes of becoming a formalized program on campus.

Living Learning Communities are residential groups with the purpose of having students interact and connect with faculty on Saint Mary’s University campus.

“First-year students learn a lot of lessons throughout the program, which helps them connect to the Saint Mary’s University community,” said Director of Residence Life Brendan Dolan.

According to Dolan, the program has been a success this past year because the amount of faculty and students involved. Professors give their time to monitor the Living Learning Communities.

The four communities are: Well Inc., supervised by Dr. Moni Berg-Binder and Professor Chandu Valluri; ArsAlive supervised by Dr. Janet Heukeshoven and Lisa Truax; Global Faith supervised by Dr. Daniel Bucknam and Erich Lippman; and Wide World and Sports supervised by Dr. Joseph Tadie and Kyle Black.

According to Dolan, the success of the program is obvious. “It’s the students of the community who are passionate, bond with similar interests and have common goals,” said Dolan. “The socialization comes with an understanding that they will be invested to what is expected among their peers.”

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