Thursday, April 25, 2013

Movie Review: ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ worth a watch

Petey Brown
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Safety Not Guaranteed is a romantic comedy that men and women can both enjoy about three magazine employees who go on an assignment to find a man who needs a companion for time travel.

Darius (Aubrey Plaza-Parks and Recreation) tries to get the interview that will have her noticed at the magazine she works at by going along on a trip to interview a time traveler.  The time traveler, Kenneth (Mark Duplass-The League), is an awkward and strange man who put an ad in the local newspaper looking for  someone to accompany him as he travels back in time.

The magazine wants to write an article about this man, but Kenneth has his reservations.  Darius pretends to want to be Kenneth’s companion and goes through training to gain his trust.  This training is to make sure Darius is up for time travel and if Kenneth can trust her. 

Meanwhile, staff writer Jeff and nerdy intern Arnau are doing their own thing on the trip.  Jeff is trying to reconnect with a high school crush even though he is not sure if he still likes her or not at first glance.  During this trip, Jeff also wants to expose shy Arnau to fun times and how to live as a college student.  Arnau is unsure if he wants to partake in that kind of life style, but Jeff eventually pushes him enough to have a little fun.

Darius and Kenneth grow closer to each other through Kenneth’s crazy training routine.  Darius starts to think Kenneth is less crazy and the two learn they actually have a lot in common.

Safety Not Guaranteed was enjoyable, especially since it had multiple storylines. The movie, which is available on Netflix Instant Watch, has something for everyone. It also includes a lot of actors from popular television shows. If you are looking for an independent comedy movie, be sure to give Safety Not Guaranteed a try.

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