Thursday, April 25, 2013

Europe offers teaching opportunities for 2013 literature graduate

By Julianne Bartosz
Editor in Chief

A Saint Mary’s University senior is taking advantage of a global volunteer program to explore Europe for the first time.

Senior Rosa Edholm, who majored in literature at SMU, will be exploring Europe while teaching English for 10 weeks through a volunteer program called Learning Enterprises.

“This is a great opportunity to explore my Croatian heritage while also gaining some teaching experience,” said Edholm.

Edholm will first teach English in a part of Hungary then in Slovakia.  However, she does not yet know her exact placement.

“I am interested in world cultures,” said Edholm.  “I am also serious about learning to speak Croatian, so being somewhere I can speak the language will really help me.”

The program will allow her to emerge herself in the culture while living with a host family.

Prior to the program, Edholm will have the opportunity to visit Italy.  She will be traveling from Rome to Venice with her brother as they visit relatives in Eastern Europe.  When the program ends in August, Edholm will tour parts of Europe.  She will first fly to Switzerland, then fly to Iceland.

Her SMU courses inspire her to visit Germany, Berlin and the United Kingdom.  However, she knows she will not be able to because of travel limitations.  Edholm said, “There are a lot of places I want to see, but I can’t.”

Edholm believes the experience will be a true “perspective shifter” for her.  She said one of the biggest challenges will be either the culture shock or having to leave.  “I haven’t even bought a ticket home yet,” said Edholm.

Edholm is unsure of what she will do when she returns home in the fall.  She expressed interest in volunteering to teach English in longer programs.  Edholm also mentioned pursuing graduate school to study either women’s studies or Slavic literature.

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