Friday, February 22, 2013

Chartwells serves a lot of opportunities

By Julianne Bartosz
Editor in Chief

Although students may not obtain a professional skill set, Chartwells offers Saint Mary’s students the opportunity to earn extra money while developing cooking skills and working with a fun staff.

“I’m horrible at cooking, so working at Chartwells has improved my cooking skills,” said sophomore Kelly Seymour.  “I’ve learned how to make different sandwiches and pizzas and how to use the grill and fryers.”  Seymour started working in the Cardinal Club at the beginning of the semester.

Seymour said the job also has its challenges, especially during the busy lunch shift.  “We are jammed with a ton of orders,” she said.  “We have to work efficiently and as a team to get all the orders out in a timely manner.”

Junior Brooke Bartelt faces different challenges during her shift at Mugby Junction.  She said, “Trying to remember how to make all the different drinks we make is challenging.”

Since Chartwells does not allow student-workers to run the Mugby Junction cash register, Bartelt said she is also challenged by being “very dependent on the full-times staff member to fulfill an order.”

Meanwhile, work in the Toner dining hall presents the challenge of standing for long periods of time, according to senior Jason Sandquist.  He said that he mainly works in the dish room, serves food or checks the beverage dispensers.  

Sandquist said working in the cafeteria is harder than he thought it would be.  “I was unaware of the entire cleanup process after meals,” he said.  “It takes a team effort to ensure that the students and staff of Saint Mary’s University are fed each and every day.”

Working to make extra money, Sandquist said the most enjoyable part of his job is the people that he works with.

Bartelt, on the other hand, said she enjoys “seeing all of the other students that simply walk through Toner, even if they aren’t stopping at Mugby.”

With three dining locations and a coffee shop on campus, Chartwells offers many job opportunities.  Both Seymour and Bartelt advised students interested in a job to talk to someone in the Food Services Office.

“If you’re looking for some cash, it is a relatively easy job,” said Bartelt.

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