Friday, February 1, 2013

SMU updates attendance policy

By Regina Barbosa
News Editor

The Saint Mary’s University attendance policy has been updated to include more detail on procedures for absence due to personal health and well-being.

The updated policy includes typical reasons for absence, procedures for accommodating of absences and procedures for documenting absences.

The policy states: absences related to health and well-being may include responsible rest and seclusion during illness, medically recommended activity limitation due to injury, participation in a funeral or memorial service related to a death in one’s immediate family, participation in ordered Emergency Responder or military training or service, participation in observances of their faith (e.g., Ramadan, Passover) and unavoidable engagement of Residence Life staff in their duties (e.g., attending to emergency situations).

The policy also states, “Accommodations such as make-up work, due date extensions and exemption from a performance related to such absences are not required, but may be requested at the discretion of the student and granted at the discretion of the instructor.” Requests for accommodation should be made in advance when possible, according to the policy.

“Students must also notify the Student Success Center of absence,” the policy states. “And provide any documentation that office may require to confirm that the absence is or was necessary for the student’s health and well-being.” After that, the Student Success Center will electronically send confirmation forms to the student’s instructors, according to policy.

The previous attendance policy had one paragraph on the subject, and the newer attendance policy includes four.

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