Friday, February 22, 2013

Dread exercising no more!

Zumba and yoga offer alternate workout options at SMU

By Corrine McCallum
Cardinal Staff

Not part of a sports team? Don’t enjoy engaging in running countless miles to lose that freshman fifteen you may have gained? Getting in shape does not have to be tedious or boring; it can be fun and enjoyable! A common way young adults are staying in shape these days without the endless amount of time on the treadmill is by joining classes that include the highly popular zumba and yoga exercises.

Zumba is an easy and fun way to get your heart rate up. It involves doing different dances that get the core and leg muscles moving, which you may not be able to work out by just simply running. Zumba classes are offered at fitness clubs, community centers and even here at Saint Mary’s. Zumba Club is open to SMU students on Monday and Wednesday nights. 

Sophomore Andrew Lee is an avid zumba participant at Saint Mary’s. He said, “I enjoy zumba because I like to dance. I would rather do zumba because it’s fun to have fun working out and having an exercise seem like it’s not an actual gear-grinding workout.”

Yoga is also seen as an enjoyable way to work your body in different ways. Yoga is a little different than zumba or just working out. Yoga includes stretches of the body that range from easy to complex. It also is used to control breathing habits and relax one’s mind and body. 

“Yoga is a relaxation and a way for me to escape reality and be with my thoughts,” said Mary DeBartolo, a sophomore student-athlete. “It helps me with my flexibility for other sports and helps to calm me down after a long day or hard week.”

Working out does not have to be a chore anymore, or something that is dreadful. With creative and amusing new workout plans, getting that perfect beach bod for the hot summer season is easy and fun!

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