Friday, February 1, 2013

Movie Review: ‘V/H/S’ rates a 6.0

By Petey Brown
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Looking for a movie on Netflix Instant Queue that will scare, entertain and confuse you? Well look no farther than the found footage film, V/H/S

V/H/S is based around the style of a found footage film, where the movie takes place from the first person perspective of a video camera.  Such famous films that also do this are Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield.  The plot is based around a group of misfits who film themselves causing havoc and crime for money.  They receive a new job from an unknown group and are asked to acquire a rare VHS tape.  Though, the story doesn’t really begin until they find the tape.

The film consists of six found footage videos that the misfits find in an abandoned house.  The films do not really fit together that well, which can be confusing while watching.  Each film is about 15 minutes long and follows a new set of characters.  

The short films were enjoyable because the stories were interesting and not long enough to get boring.  The films each had different stories as well, so the movie did not feel repetitive. However, the movie seemed random at times.  Each different film was interesting in itself, but it did not help the film progress at all. 

The film was enjoyable, but there was hardly a story involved besides the six random movies.  It gets a six out of ten stars, which was also common from most of the movie’s reviews. 

If you want a horror movie with some cool gory scenes, suspense and no plot, then V/H/S is your movie. It is worth a one-time watch with some friends to help cure a boring night. Check it out if you have Netflix Instant Queue on a computer or a video game system.

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