Friday, February 22, 2013

Heukeshovens selected to be Minnesota Ambassadors of Music

By Paul Schmitt
Cardinal Staff

Two of Saint Mary’s music instructors were recently selected to serve as faculty for the Minnesota Ambassadors of Music program on a 16-day tour of Europe in 2014.

A. Eric Heukeshoven and Janet Heukeshoven’s, Ph.D., responsibilities include being section leaders for their respective instruments.  A. Eric Heukeshoven will be supervising the low brass while Janet Heukeshoven supervises the flute section. They will also serve as chaperones for 8-10 students on the tour while A. Eric Heukeshoven specifically serves as the group’s German translator.

“The tour is a life-changing experience for the students,” said A. Eric Heukeshoven.  “For that reason alone, it makes all the effort worthwhile.”

The program involves selecting high school-aged students to best represent Minnesota and its music in countries such as France, Switzerland and Germany. 

In the past, several students on the tour end have enrolled at SMU. A. Eric Heukeshoven said, “Naturally the students have questions about their college choices, and we’re always happy to tell them more about Saint Mary’s.” 

This will be Janet Heukeshoven’s eighth tour with the program, and A. Eric Heukeshoven’s sixth.

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