Friday, February 22, 2013

SMU Intramurals: Play hard, score big

By Samantha Borawski
Sports Editor

The start of second semester intramurals at Saint Mary’s University approaches as second semester is well underway. Session 3 of intramurals includes sports like indoor volleyball, bowling and indoor soccer as well as the continuing competition of the coveted Cardinal Cup. 

While the competition can get heated, it allows for students to get involved and stay active in a sport that they enjoy.

“It is fun because you get the benefits of having your friends as teammates and it helps you prioritize your time because you know you have games at night,” said sophomore Sandy Sahl. Sahl said she enjoys being a member of the “Killer Koalas” intramural team because it is not time consuming and not as competitive as varsity teams. Bowling is also offered this semester on Sunday nights at Winona Bowl. Since bowling is off campus, it is a great way for students to finish up their weekend before classes start on Monday.

“I loved bowling as a kid and was a part of leagues growing up,” said sophomore Dana Testa.  “It is fun to be able to have a good time with friends while partaking in an activity I like noncompetitively.”

The diversity in sports each semester allows for all students to get active on campus. For teams like the “Brown Mambas,” many students live for indoor soccer season. This team is looking to repeat the victorious indoor soccer season it had last year. 

“It is a chance to let loose and take a break from everything else going on,” said sophomore Hector Roman, who plays with the “Brown Mambas.”

For those who play collegiate sports, intramurals is also a fun way to keep in shape aside from team practices. Volleyball players enjoy creating teams to practice as well as soccer players. Intramurals offers something for everyone who wants to get involved whether it’s only for one specific sport each year or multiple sports each semester. Either way, intramurals is a great way to get involved and take a break from the stress and workload that classes entail. With one more session left to go, there is still time to make an intramurals team and play.

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