Friday, February 1, 2013

Finding faith through Lent 4.5

By Carissa Hahn
Cardinal Staff

A seven-week faith program called Lent 4.5 will be offered on campus through the Office of Campus Ministry (OCM) during the Lenten season and will focus on creating a more sustainable world. 

The purpose of the program is to give participants the opportunity to pray, fast, give alms and become more environmentally aware through their faith, said OCM Director Chris McLead.

“Faith has something to say about the environment,” said McLead. “College students can make personal changes within themselves and make a difference.” 

The program will be open to all students and is scheduled to start on Feb. 13 and run until Easter. 

This will be the second year of Lent 4.5 at Saint Mary’s, but this year there are two different types of groups offered. One group is Catholic based, and the second will be a Christian, multi-denominational group.  

McClead said that the plan is to incorporate at least three large group action steps based on volunteering or performing environment-related service projects. 

The name of the group relates to the idea of our world becoming more sustainable. “There are about 7 million humans on the planet, if we divided the usable planet evenly, every person would be entitled to 4.5 acres,” said McClead.

Students who are interested should use this link to indicate which group they would like to participate in: Students are encouraged to sign up before Feb. 6. 

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