Friday, February 22, 2013

Movie Review: ‘Identity Thief’

By Petey Brown
Arts and Entertainment Editor

When a very colorful character named Diana uses well-behaved businessman Sandy Patterson’s identity to live the high life in Miami, things go from extravagant to insane in buddy comedy Identity Thief

Diana (Melissa McCarthy, also in Bridesmaids) uses a stolen identity to live as though money is not an object, since it is not her own.  She buys many things that are mostly useless, but it does not bother her because the tab is on Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman, also in Arrested Development and Horrible Bosses).  Patterson finds out that Diana is spending his hard earned cash and goes across the country from Denver to Miami to confront her.  His goal is to save his money and get his identity back.

When he goes to find his target, Diana is not as easy to capture and bring to justice as he thought.  Instead, Diana has other plans.  Through their crazy road trip, bad gets worse and whatever could go wrong does go wrong. 

Identity Thief is an enjoyable movie that is only worth a single watch.  It was a good, strange bedfellow’s comedy with a great paring of Bateman and McCarthy.  There were some very funny moments, but the movie dragged on without an interesting plot.  The moments that were funny were pretty enjoyable, but most of that was shown in trailers for the movie.

Both actors could have had a better showing.  It was also disappointing that the movie was not better. The film is worth seeing once, but wait until it comes out on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Rotten Tomatoes, a movie reviewing website, gave this movie a low 24%.  However, fans gave it a 74%.   Identity Thief deserves a five out of ten since it could have been a lot better and was not worth seeing in theaters.  Hopefully, Bateman and McCarthy can get better roles in their next films because they are two very talented and funny actors.  

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