Friday, April 25, 2008

Greek tragedy provides a modern twist

By Becky Newby
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Saint Mary’s University cast and crew added a modern twist to an ancient Greek tragedy during its production of “Iphigenia at Aulis” April 18-21.

According to senior Lindsay Dickson, the play’s connection to modern politics was very apparent.

“There were good parallels between the ancient war and today’s war,” said Dickson. “It really made me think about the war in Iraq.”

Dr. Steven Bouler readapted and directed Saint Mary’s contemporary version of the tragedy. Bouler explored the negative side of patriotism and how far a politician would go to secure a victory.

Technical aspects of the performance also portrayed modern images, including the song "Sorrow," by Pink Floyd, played during the presence of a goddess.

Dickson said that, although the costume, lighting, set and music were modern, the script itself resembled the original text written by Euripides.

“Although the monologues were a little long, the show definitely picked up during the second act,” said Dickson. “I was very impressed with all the acting and design work.”

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