Friday, April 25, 2008

Coming out of retirement

By Eric Lear
Sports Editor

In true Michael Jordan fashion, although undoubtedly less successful, I am coming out of retirement.

After four seasons of playing basketball here at Saint Mary’s University, I was ready to hang up my Nikes and let my basketball deflate.
After all, I made my last shot as a collegiate basketball player, and that was as close to going out on top as I was going to get.

I have picked up a basketball twice since our last game on Feb. 23 and have only worked out once. I can’t tell you how great it felt to relax. But all that has changed. I have since been approached to play on the so-called Minnesota All-Stars, which consists of fellow former Cardinals Mike Rohr and Dan Cormier, both seniors, as well as a few other gentlemen from the area. We will be playing against the Hustle Up Streetball team at our own gym on Sunday, April 27.

I have played quite a few games at the SMU gym, but surely not one quite like this. I recommend checking this game out. Although I have a hard time calling this “basketball,” it will surely be entertaining to spectators. The high flying dunks and spectacular display of ball handling are reason enough. I’m sure you will also be able to get a chuckle at our expense.

I am going to consider this experience a success if I get dunked on less than 10 times, get one dunk of my own, don’t hurt myself or anyone else, and keep from getting a ball thrown at my head. Although it would likely be entertaining for many of you, so perhaps I will consider changing some of those before the 7 p.m. tip-off.

The Hustle Up team has players such as: Hot Sauce, Spyda, Highrizer, and A.O. Now the only thing left for me to do is to create my own streetball nickname. As of now, I have it down to “Skin N Bonezz” or “Daddy Long Legs” (I can only hope you guys are seeing my sarcasm). With those names, it’s likely I’ll be on the AND1 circuit in no time.

I’m not sure how we got into this game, but I would love to see Rohr trying to guard “Hot Sauce.” All kidding aside, which is usually hard for me to do, I am very much looking forward to playing this game. It will be a relaxed and fun atmosphere for us three former Cardinals to come back and play our last somewhat-organized game together.

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