Friday, April 4, 2008

‘Students for Life’ question value of life

By Nakisa Khoshnevis
Member of Students for Life
Guest Columnist

The most common question surrounding the abortion issue is: when does life begin? People are perpetually looking for science to provide the definitive answer. We are always trying to define the moment, and various people give various answers. For whatever reason, we are determined to find the limits.
But the fact is, life is life. Defining the moment does not change the fact. Life is. It exists. It cannot be parsed into pieces.

In abortion, the life of the infant and the convenience of the mother are set at odds. We are inclined to view the adult life as more valuable because adults have the loudest voice. The exploitation of children is unfortunately quite common. This is the same view that leads to the justification of child labor in other countries or to child abuse. The weak are easily dismissed.

Our duty is to provide the voice they lack. Hopefully, no one who saw a woman beating her child would say, “Well, it’s her offspring, so she has the right. We can’t tell her what to do.” The question of whether or not one is pro-life or pro-choice is really quite straightforward: everyone is pro-life when it comes to themselves or their own families. Feminists are angry when her husband, or any other man, determines a woman’s worth. We also should be angry when another determines the worth of an unborn baby.

The issue of abortion is not a question of whether or not life exists. Those in the medical field admit that they are killing a fetus. The question is how valuable that life is. This is something that science cannot define. Society must make the decision. Each person must make the decision. Abortion is an important issue, one that no one can afford to neglect. It is important because the value of life is the core moral value. Once we sacrifice that, we have nothing else to stand by.

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