Friday, April 25, 2008

SMU memories from seniors

Compiled by Betsy Baertlein
Feature Editor

One of my favorite college memories was made when a bunch of girls from my floor in Skemp went to see Keith Urban in La Crosse together. We had good seats, too!
-Amy Kalina

I’ll never forget learning the language of “Ya got fine,” “Easy,” and “So dialed.” I just hope that the language will continue when I’m gone.
-Michael Rohr

During my sophomore year and again my senior year a large group of us played hide and seek in Saint Mary’s Hall late at night. Who knew a group of college students could have so much fun playing hide and seek?!
-Bridget Emmett

London study abroad. Especially Hookah! Thanks, Matt.
-Diana Connolly

I will remember starry nights in the bluffs with Zak, Abdiel, Jake, and Joey and waiting three hours for 12 cent wings every Wednesday night.
-Christina Giunta

My favorite memory is getting pulled over in the SMU short bus on our way to a weekend of soccer games up north near Superior. This happened not long after we were pulled over for whipping a U-turn in front of a cop.
-Lisa Tlougan

Two of the best experiences of my life were studying abroad in Florence, Italy, and playing for the best golf coach anyone could ever ask for. RIP Coach F.
-Bill Ryan

I remember when we got a huge snow storm at the end of the fall semester finals Freshman year, and some of us decided to go outside of Ed’s and have a snow fight. It was beyond fun ... until the hall director came out and told us it was still quiet hours and to go inside. It is still one of my fave memories, though.
-Candice Norrell

What I will remember and miss about SMU: Blue Angel and Gaslight Shows, education kickball games, hikes in the bluffs, Frisbee golf, Monday night bowling, February break 2008, and, of course, all of my friends!!
-Lisa Mahler

My favorite memory is getting to know each other freshman year:
Carolyn Privet: We have dairy cows at home.
Diana Connolly: Do you show them?
Christy Lyons: Show them what?

Freshman year is defining for everyone. One of the fundamental experiences that changed me during freshman year was setting up a tent in the lower lounge of Benilde. Oh yeah.
-Brittany Staver

The most important memory I will have is meeting my friends and having such a great relationship with them, because, in a lot of ways, if it wasn’t for them I don’t know if I would still be here.
-Michael Rohr

Last year, Laura, Josie, and I danced to Frank Sinatra. We went crazy and spent time creating new dance moves and laughing until we couldn’t dance anymore. “It’s the French Foreign Legion for me!”
-Lisa Frank

The day Saint Mary’s was added to Facebook, the rumors spread quickly. By the time brunch was over, everyone was glued to their computers. Good thing it was a Saturday.
-Kasey Schultz

I will never forget all of the Phi Mu Alpha dances, hikes with Tadie’s class, my semester in London, and all the late nights talking with roommates.
-Lindsay Dickson

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