Friday, April 4, 2008

Response to ‘Toaster Revolution’

Addressing concerns with Chartwells

By Emilie Fisch
Cardinal Staff

[Editor’s Note: Misuse of the toasters led to a small fire in the cafeteria; Chartwells removed the toasters shortly after. A group of students decided to hold a ‘Toaster Revolution’ and the following is one student’s response to that event.]

Thursday, March 6, is a day that will go down in Saint Mary’s University cafeteria history. You may have noticed something different in the cafeteria lately. On March 6 the toasters were removed for a short period of time.

In response to the missing appliances, a Toaster Revolution was organized by several SMU students who were unhappy with the fact that the toasters had been removed from the cafeteria. Several students came to the cafeteria sporting T-shirts they had made and many students brought their own toasters. This allowed students to have their toast and eat it too.

The toasters were back in the cafeteria permanently the day of the Toaster Revolution.

The Toaster Revolution showed Chartwells how little changes in the cafeteria can impact and disrupt a college student’s daily life. On the other hand, when students misuse kitchen equipment such as the omelet bar, microwave or toasters, they are permitting Chartwells to take away that equipment, whether to clean it or to fix with it.

Starting a revolution is one way to show you are unhappy with the changes that have been made, but there is an easier way. This year senior Alex Downes-Borowski, student senate vice president for student life, has been taking complaints and comments about Charwells services to Food Service Director Curt Coshenet. Next year there will be another person filling this spot, so students are encouraged to remember that if they have concerns, they can talk to a member of student senate.

Over the past few years, there have been many changes in food service, from extending dining hours to being able to transfer healthier options instead of fries. Downes-Borowski said he receives many complaints about improving the quality of food, satisfying different dietary needs or meeting restrictions students and faculty may have.

If students respect the equipment that is in the cafeteria currently, they will be able to keep it and maybe some day get better equipment. If students have any comments or concerns, they can feel free to talk to the next representative in senate, who will bring concerns to Coshenet.

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