Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring 2008 fashion: on the runway

By Becky Newby
Arts & Entertainment Editor

Spring 2008 arrives with a blend of many decades of style. This season’s designers added modern twists to some classic and timeless trends ranging from vibrant hues to flirty floral.

Leading fashion magazine “Elle” features the top trends from New York Fashion Week in its online edition, showcasing some of the main designer creations we can expect for spring.

Floral. Unlike the flower power trend of our parents’ generation, today’s floral prints are fresher and more feminine. Designers are displaying vibrant illustrations of blurred motifs in oversized and midsized patterns on items such as shorts, blouses and dresses. Women, try wearing petal-inspired trim or ruffles to achieve the same look in a more subtle way. Men, the tie of the season is taking on a romantic feel with botanical flower prints, offering a new alternative to solids and stripes.

Safari. From the 1970s era, the runways this spring are filled with safari adventure wardrobe pieces such as zebra and leopard prints, khaki, and chunky tribal jewelry. Aviator sunglasses are a must-have accessory item for both women and men this season.

White. Numerous all-white outfits are modeled on the runway. While some designer’s showcase all-white fitted pantsuits, jeans, and casual blazers, others opt for more feminine dresses and silk shirts. Although all-white seems like an easy trend to copy, wearing too many layers of white can appear too bulky – try adding small accents of black to avoid this and still look elegant.

Tailored. With new gender-bending rules, suits have made its way into both men’s and women’s daytime fashion this spring. Men, for a casual weekend look, consider purchasing a lightweight blazer to add style to casual pants or jeans. Women, latch onto the softer side of the trend by trying a bow tie blouse or tie-top dress.

Bright, Bold Color. Once again, color is a common theme for spring. This season color-happy fashionistatas will be dressing from head to toe in eye-popping colors like daffodil yellow, cobalt blue and verdant green. For men, pink hits the runways in almost every shade imaginable.

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